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His mom died at childbirth when he reached up and said "there, there" and his dad's location is unknown.

He lives in Guardian Angels Orphanage. Which is owned by Mr. And Mrs. Beadle who unfair and mean people. Every once an a while a man named Mr.

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Colder takes an orphan to work at his glass factory. Billy spies on Mr. Colder and Mr. Beadle's meeting about who's going to get taken next and figures out it is going to be a boy named Meek Jones. The night after Billy was going for a night stroll and then Meek comes up behind Billy and says "Don't scream or I'll kill you, turn around slowly" and when he turned around Meek sees it is Billy he becomes very sorry for doing it.

So Meek tells Billy about what happened at the glass factory leading him to talk about running away after he messed up his hand. Billy si worried about Meek so he gets him food, money, and a knife. The next morning Meek is found dead after drowning in the river.


Only the orpahns are sad. Soon Billy spies on Mr. Beadle again and figures out that he's going to be taken next. He starts planning his escape, but his uncle comes to take Billy.

Billy decides to go with his Uncle, Jim to the coal mines. Then Uncle Jim takes him to the coal mines. Soon Billy goes to school with Clyde. Eventually Billy and Clyde have to go work in the mines. Clyde works as a trapper some one who releases the pressure of built up gases and Billy as a mule driver the person who drives a mule around the mine to collect the coal carts from the miners.

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Soon another old healer comes who turns out to be a helper of the doctor who gave birth to Billy and tell Billy how his mother really died. She died by a fever at childbirth not shock and his father didn't ditch Billy at Guardian Angels that the old woman took care of Billy and put him at Guardian Angels when she was to old. Soon there is a cave in at the mines. Close to Famous Discussion Guide. Discussion Guide for the Novels of Maria Testa.

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Billy Creekmore

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