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We were given a short novella which MUST be read first o. What happens to these two main characters is not for the faint hearted. Especially Paige it is a dark read that may have some triggers for some people. It's intense and heartbreaking but the connection Kael and Paige have will have you believing in fate and soul mates. Neither wanted this life it's been forced upon them. They have to live it, fight it and ultimately survive it to find there way back again.

Dani never fails to give us intense captivating reads with just enough angst but a whole lot of Hot Damn!! May 28, Michelle Krystel rated it it was amazing. Dani happens to be one of my favourite authors, I swear I love this lady's mind. She's incredible. I freaken love my wolfe Kael I can't get enough of him she could write a.

Whole series just on him and I would still ask for more. Let's say I have it bad for this sexy wolfe.

He's one of the sexiest Dom's I have ever met. This book needs a hell a lot more than 5star rating. Jun 04, Barbara rated it it was amazing. This series just keeps getting better and better. I must admit I fell in love with Ms. Her flare with the written word has amazed me from day one. Her works are gifts to the world that this reader will always treasure.

We first met them in the novella From WOW! We first met them in the novella From the Ashes. I fell in love with these two in that story and was over the moon when I saw they were getting a full length book expanding on their personal story. Paige, or Firebird as Kale calls her, is another girl that was forced into the dark depraved world of Caged. Her only bright spot was Kale, until he did the unspeakable and left without. Left her in the hands of his monstrous father. What becomes of her and her life is heartbreaking to say the least yet totally remarkable at the same time.

Simply put: Well Done! You will not be dissappointed at all. Kael Wolfe is everything and so much more. May 29, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , review-for-author , beta. I was provided an ARC in exchange of an honest review. My Review: Oh Kael you so get me Our story is bonafide kinkery!

This dark, twisted beautiful s I was provided an ARC in exchange of an honest review. She's made this little red ridding hood fall in love with a Wolfe! The only Mrs Kael Wolfe proof booknerds your welcome! May 30, Tanaka K rated it it was amazing Shelves: emotional , hottest-sex-scene , arcs , dark-and-not-fluffy , interesting-plots , simply-droolworthy , alpha , dirty-talkers , fav-couple , bdsm.

There was so much I craved in this series. You need to read From the Ashes to be able to understand Covet. There was so much between them that I wan completely addicted to them. I needed to know more. Then I read Covet and I was so blown away. The richness and the deepness really cast a spell on me. I was hooked.

Covet "You're a temptress, Firebird. Covet was not simple book about a BDSM couple or a take on control and obedience. No, it was book that devoured my soul. It was a book emanating with so much soul and emotion that cut me so deep. I felt my heart moved ever so much.

I felt my soul being crushed when I was reading Covet.

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It was one of the best experiences I have ever had towards a book. I was captured. I was captivated. I was enamored. I was tantalized. Covet was a dark and sinful book that completely set a fire to my heart. I was drowning in it. I was sinking in the beauty and magic of Covet. Everything about this book just sizzled and burned to an inferno of brilliance. Dani Rene definitely wrote an exquisite story that captured the emotion and the true essence of ownership.

Plus there were some hot and sexy scenes that totally made me hot all over. Kael and Paige went through a lot as a couple. I felt their pain, love, emotions, and thoughts.

I was so moved so deep. Kael and Paige have such a beautiful chemistry as Master and submission. It is addictive but also holds a special touch to my heart. I was consumed by them. I pulled to their story. I simply adored their amazing as a couple even though they were parts that they tore my soul apart. Paige was that sassy, fiery and innocent woman with such grace and strength.

I loved how that she was vulnerable but still had some fight in her.


Kael was dominant, protective and just an alpha with a heart and firmness that I marveled. I seriously fell in love with Kael and Paige. They are definitely in my list of favourite couples. Covet definitely cemented my love for Dani Rene. I am now a huge fan. She definitely one talented lady. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. As book 2, this is not a standalone. It is highly recommended to begin at the beginning with From the Ashes. Be warned however, that her skills as an author can take you to the depths of the abyss, sucking you in in her wonderful thoughts and wild fantasy!

Even though her creative writing is dark in Covet, know that there is light. Covet is beautifully told! It is raw, it is emotional! Kael and Paige are two powerhouse characters that I couldn't get enough of. Paige, forced into the world of BDSM and what she endures shows her strength but with Kael by her side you would believe they are destined for soul mates! Who would have thought? Covet in the Forbidden series has been bumped to the top of the dark romance list in my pile!

Single Sundays: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma · SERIESous Book Reviews

Praise for Dani Rene! Jun 03, Sheena rated it it was amazing. Wonderfully Dark and tortuous I have fallen in love with this wonderfully dark, tortuous and erotic series Paige and Kael first appeared in the novella From The Ashes and now they take centre stage in a full length novel This author is a marvellous storyteller, adept at setting the scene and creating complex and believable characters This is a story of betrayal, intrigue, cruelty, family loyalty and secrets but also love which rises from the ashes of torment and tribulation Covet is the perfect title for this book Jun 14, A Booklover's Haven rated it it was amazing.

I fell in love with Kael and Paige when i read FTA and their story is nothing like another love story you will find in other books. Kael was like poison to Paige. He was a monster. Yet she fell hard for him.

FALLEN by Lauren Kate

And got burnt in the process. Years later,Paige rises from the ashes of the past,determined not to let the past overpower her. But when her only salvation and doom resurfaces,little can be done to stop the inevitable. And this time,Kael is back to claim his phoenix as his forever. Intense,dark and steamy One-click Covet now! May 29, Tre Talbot rated it it was amazing. I love these Wolfe brothers but something about Kael and the way he is dominant yet gentle just pulls you to him like a magnet.

We're taken the darkened path to where everything began, I feel for Paige and all she is living though. She's a strong woman for keeping herself together after all of that, I don't think I would be able to myself. With Kael you just know that there is so much more then meets the eye and as hard as he tries to keep that mask on it slips and he's completely exposed. There are moments my heart is beating so loud in my chest and others I'm on the verge of tears. This is truly a page turner that had me on the edge the entire time. Highly recommend one clicking this book you're not going to want to miss out.

This is my unbiased and voluntary review. May 31, Mackenzie Bibliophile rated it it was amazing. Covet is an extremely intense story. The emotions these characters go through is not to be taken lightly. This story is also not for the faint of heart. The connection between Kael and Paige is very unique and combustible. There is an intense fire between them from the very start. Two souls forced into a life that neither of them wanted and they somehow found a way through as a unit and also alone.

A dark read that may have some triggers for some people but overall this is a really great read. Jun 10, Hanan rated it it was amazing.

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Covet fills in all of the unanswered and unknown events that are left from From the Ashes. I highly recommend reading From the Ashes to fully appreciate,understand and love Kael and Skyla's life journey. Kael is dragged into a dark depraved world of his fathers and uncles making. He hates it but doesn't have the will or drive to leave.

Claire is pretty much a Mary-Sue

That is until he meets Skyla. She inadvertently gives him the push he needs to leave and start over. Paige Skyla is forced into the darkest filthiest vile depths of Covet fills in all of the unanswered and unknown events that are left from From the Ashes.

To further get you excited, click here for a sneak peek into Forbidden Life with the first unedited three chapters! Want to learn more about the Forbidden world? An overview of all three books and the trilogy. Forbidden Fire book 2 sample chapters: Chapters Forbidden Life book 3 sample chapters: Chapter I dare you. Get caught up on your reading by picking up your copy of Forbidden Mind and Forbidden Fire on Amazon today! How, why, and what are they thinking about this? Together they must escape and free the others… or risk losing everything—and everyone—they love.

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