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We're eating spaghetti right now Ohhhhh my god that's her intestines and guts. Just falling out of her torso onto the floor. She's struggling to gather all of it, it looks slippery. After that I noticed her dropping her guts onto the floor on a regular basis and had to stop being around her at all it smelled to me and the other girls would have her pull it out sometimes. So gross. From user ricklionheart :.

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This was also my first encounter with prison torture. The guards showed us the wedding dress the inmates used for dressing and raping rapists and other criminals, according to the prison 'ethics'. I have dealt with other instances of horrible torture, but this one stuck with me because it was just laying there with blood like when you see pictures of medieval instruments of torture.

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Twitter FaceBook LinkedIn. By Rebecca Lo. Friday, June 28, , By Rebecca Lo. Share this story. Photo Video. In harmony with nature. Over the next few years, Donaldson fell into a life of drugs and wound up back in prison on two separate occasions. Tragically, he was raped both times. But instead of succumbing to the horrors of prison life, Donaldson decided to fight back peacefully. In the s, he began counseling victims of prison rape and giving lectures on sexual assault at institutions like the NYU School of Law and the Massachusetts legislature.

He even testified on a rape case that made its way to the Supreme Court. Eventually, he became president of the human rights organization Stop Prisoner Rape. The pamphlet explains how punks will have to do a lot of chores around the cell and cautions that jockers might demand that their punks adopt a feminine name and characteristics. Hooking up with just one guy also reduces the chances of contracting AIDs, which is unfortunately what happened to Donaldson. No one took it seriously when washed-up bruiser James Scott challenged him to a fight. So Gregory accepted.

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This guy had the eye of the tiger. Although Scott had spent most of his teenage years in detention centers, he had trained as a boxer.

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When the year-old was sent to Trenton State Prison, he learned the finer points of pugilism from an older inmate. Over the next few years, Scott was in and out of prison. On the inside, he became the New Jersey prison champ. After his release, he transformed himself into a successful professional with his eye on the title. When Scott was tossed into the clink again for robbery, his generous, publicity-savvy warden promised to help Scott earn his freedom if he could restart his career.

Each time, Scott made short work of his opponents, fighting his way toward the No. Suddenly, Scott was a media darling. When the boxer asked a judge to set him free, the court turned him down. Heartbroken, Scott watched his career take a nosedive. He was finally released from prison in Although his last two fights were losses, he retired with a career of 19—2—1 and was inducted into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame in As of , Scott lives in a nursing home and is battling dementia, his toughest opponent to date.

After a brief stint as a bodyguard, he ended up in the cocaine business, got high on his own supply, and soon found himself incarcerated. He was also accused of kidnapping and robbery , but in January , he was cleared of all major charges.

Unfortunately for T-Bone, he was sentenced to 13 years behind bars for a lesser charge, which is good news for anyone who needs protection. He discovered his calling in after learning that an year-old had been gang-raped by a group of thugs. In his battle against rapists, T-Bone has faced guys carrying infected hypodermic needles and razors. Angry rapists have put bounties on his head.

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  7. Once, he was jumped by a gang and nearly raped himself. But he was saved by a few friendly inmates. Despite the danger, T-Bone never backs down. Whenever some sicko corners a weaker inmate, T-Bone shows up with fists flying.

    I Got A Life Sentence At 17. Then I Was Raped In Prison.

    In an interview with Vice, T-Bone explained how he keeps going. Nolan Moore is a writer who hails from Texas. All Categories. Photo credit: Burton Photo credit: cowgirlprincess. Photo credit: Jimi More Great Lists.